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I have a system where a user creates their account and, using a login and password, can include their products with texts and images through the file upload.

After a certain period of time, this user no longer wishes to participate in the service and removes his user account.

You can revoke the images that the user uploaded when the user removes their account. Automatically remove images when account is deleted.

Dirceu M. de Azevedo

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When a user deletes their account, trigger a backend workflow to handle the removal of their data.

  • This process should include identifying all images / other data objects linked to the user’s account (you need to properly set up the all the datatypes linked to the user you wish to be removed)
  • To actually delete the file from the server, you need to use the Delete an uploaded file action in a workflow. Keep in mind that you need the URL of the file to delete; as such you should delete the file before you clear the URL from the database.
    Here is the tutorial on how to delete an uploaded file -

Hope this helps.

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