How to find all uploaded files of a user and delete them?

How can I delete all files uploaded by a user when the user deletes his/her account. Can I add the user email to a file during file upload? What is the best way?

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What I’ve done in my app is used my plug-in Better Uploader to make this a lot easier to handle.

Better Uploader allows you to rename files before sending them out. What I do is rename each file Uploader by a user with a template like the following:


This is useful because when you delete a user , all you have to do is delete all files that start with the user in questions unique id.

I hope this helps!


super cool. thx

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Is Bubble making that process extra difficult to earn ob webspace? I really hope not. It would be so easy to just connect every uploaded file to the user who created it.

No idea. I’m sure there is other ways of doing this, but I believe this method is the simplest.

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