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Delete Image in List of Images

Rookie question, so I apologize. But I’m trying to delete a single image in a list of images. I am displaying an image in a popup group. When I put a button with a workflow of Data > Delete Thing > Parent Group’s Image, the workflow is invalid (red). Make a change to list of things doesn’t work either.

What am I missing here?

“Make changes to a list a things” is what you want, but it is a little hard to get your head round the first time so don’t worry :slightly_smiling:

The “list to change” is the field with the list of images. You then use the remove action to remove the image that is being clicked on.

So here I am “unfriending” someone. Removing an entry from the my_friends_list. I point to the list (which is on the user) and remove.

In your case you need to point the first box to the list of images and remove the one in the group.

Makes sense. But here is what I get…

What does the error message say in the Issues Log ?

How is Product Images set up on the database ?

It says the list to change should be a list of businesses but it is a list of images.

Under custom data type Business it is a list of Images.

Your issue here, if i understand the situation correctly, is that the type of list you want to change isn’t a list of business, but a list of images. A better way to do it would be to modify the Current Page Business, and pick the field ‘Product Images’, and modify this in the ‘Change another value’ section.

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Yes, that worked. Thanks.

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Can you share a screenshot of the new setting for others?

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Sorry, my fault, misunderstood the question.

From what I gathered here, removing something from a list is the same as deleting it?

I have a list of files. I want to remove “delete” one of those files. I set a trash icon on and set it to remove current cells file.

This does remove it from the repeating box, but does it delete that file from the database?

No it doesn’t. it just removes it from the list.

How can I delete a file from a list of files permanently. Like if there is file a,b,c and I want to delete B how would I do that. It says I cannot delete it because it is not a thing but rather of type file?

You can make the file type a thing. I always do this so i can add other values to the file type. Such as name, views, etc.
Then you can easily delete it

also, if the file type is attached to a thing, why would you want to just delete the file type and leave the rest of the thing?
you can always create a field to change the thing. if you leave the new upload file input blank it should replace it with a blank.

The thing has multiple files attached to it. So I wanted to be able to remove a specific file from the list of files. It might be worthwhile to make the file a thing itself as you suggested.