Delete list of things from DB based on constraints


Hi Guys, Trying to delete a list of things with 2 constraints. The command requires me to continue but not sure which to go with because I’d like to delete all “ESTS” associated with the 2 constraints I’ve set.

I’ve tried items until but that doesn’t work. First & last items work but obviously only deletes first or last (need all items option) :smiley:

Can anyone help please? Bet it’s really simple in the end

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It looks like you’re using the workflow action ‘Delete a Thing’ (which is only for deleting a single database entry), rather than ‘Delete A List Of Things’ (which is for deleting multiple database entries).

If you use ‘Delete A List Of Things’ you should be able to select the type of thing to delete, then do a search for the particular list you want to delete and add your constraints there.

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Nice one @adamhholmes ! :sunglasses:

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