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Delete multiple items in DB

Please add an ability to check items in DB and then delete them with one click.

Why don’t you use in Worflows, Data > Delete a list of things ?

Because when I work in Data (App Data) view I want to delete manually a lot of items… Without adding workflows. Or is there a way to wipe DB records? (exept 1 record)

You can always create a simple admin page of your own ?

I have one that wipes various things, and clears down users. Pretty simple to do, and by building it yourself you get exactly what you want :smile:

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We’ll put that on our list, but in the meantime, what NigelG and NicolasDap are suggesting is probably the best way.

Sorry for scooping out this thread :wink:

But how exactly would i have to program the workflow?

It´s probably pretty simple but i don´t really know what to type in.
I want to delete all the data entrys of specific data types.

It depends on what your design is. I’s it just test data you want to delete, specific items or a list?
For test data I place the data in a repeating group with a delete button. The workflow is delete a thing > current cell’s …

Hope it helps

I want to delete all these app data entries, in dev. mode as well as in live:

So just something that works like the little bin on the right, but for all entries at once :slight_smile:

You can use these steps. Switch your app between demo and live mode.

i don´t really get it, sorry. could you maybe upload a screenshot? thanks, raymond :slight_smile:

I’m on my mobile. Will do something later.

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@jan173 Try this

Like jan173, I just wanted to delete a large number of entries from my database. However, I noticed that when entries use custom data types as opposed to the standard formats like “text” or “number” suddenly, they disrupt the normal function of a delete a list of things workflow. For example, if I set constraints that said do a search for [searchterm], the deletion will occur, but not according to my constraints.

Here is something else interesting…

I created a new app to experiment and created a very simple dataset that looks like:

AA is text, BB is a custom data types, and CC is a number.

I then tried to build a workflow for a delete function and discovered that it worked fine for column AA (text) but not BB (subordinate) or CC (number). I am not sure why.

It looks like:

A delete a list of things should delete when constraints are set. Why does it not? Does the custom data types connect entries somehow and therefore causes a “bleed-over” of deletion into entries that wouldn’t normally meet the constraints?


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