Delete List of Uploaded Files

Saw some forum posts from 2020 and earlier on deleting a list of files requiring an API workflow, are there any updates now to make it easier to delete a list of files instead of individually deleting them in the Workflow?


Hello @austinchen.94

No. The action is for one.

However you can schedule the action on a list or schedule the list recursively. Not a biggie. :smiley:

Thanks for the response @cmarchan ! Do you have any tips on how one would go about scheduling the list recursively? Was hoping to not make it a timed thing, but rather something that would happen only when a specific button is clicked

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Hope this helps :slight_smile: I found this intimidating initially, but actually it’s fairly straightforward once you get how it works and you set up a few.

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Complementing @josh24 great recommendation please review how to run a list recursively

  • set an api workflow to run on current date with at least three parameters
  • index (number), count (number), things (list of things containing your file each)
  • when scheduling send: index with value of 1, count with value being the count of the list of things, things with value being the list of things
  • set the delete a file action and choose the file field to be deleted for the entry “thing #index
  • schedule the api flow to run on current date on itself sending the parameters as index + 1, count, list of things with a condition to do it only when index < count

This should do the trick :smiley:


Thank you for your great advice!

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