Workflow to delete list of files uploaded through Multi-File Uploader plugin

I have a page with a form where any visitor (without login) can upload some images and submit the form. For multi-image upload I’m using Dropzone’s Multi-File Uploader plugin (Dropzone - Bubble Docs).

I want to schedule a workflow to run 3 days after file upload and I want that workflow to delete the files from the S3 storage. This is what I’ve done so far:

  1. Schedule the workflow 3 days in future and pass it the list of files:

  2. Set up the workflow to get the list of files when invoked

  3. Add an action to “delete an uploaded file”. I want it to loop through the list of files and delete each one, however I don’t see any option to make it do that. It seems like it accepts a single file only, so is there any way for me to have it loop over the files and delete them 1 by 1?