Delete or remove server log entries?

is there any way to delete server log entries, or preclude an item from being logged?

use case – we pass user data to various APIs in our app and want to provide the user assurance that all records are deleted and doesn’t appear to be any way to remove things from the log – for our purposes, any of the following would be helpful:

  • give events & workflows the option to log the action and not the data

  • same, except broader – don’t log this event or workflow (potentially with a ‘when’)

  • or, the ability to delete from server logs – preferably programmatically, e.g., delete all logs for this user before this date, or something like that

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Not that I know of.

System logs are pretty hard to locate and after a certain time you cannot access them (depending on your plan). And for those that you can locate you cannot use for any functional purpose. They are there just for informational purposes.

In the cases that this is a possibility, you may want to fire the API request from the browser directly to the external API. That way nothing goes through Bubble’s servers.


hmm - is for a backend workflow that uses the built-in email function - we need to convert over to external email provider so we can have attachments, which may resolve as well?

Perhaps! Not fully in the backend, though, so you lose the ability to do this while “sleeping”, in other words, it only works when someone has a page open in their browser.

And the provider must have a flow that enables doing things from the browser, for example getting an auth key server side and with that send requests through the browser. So you’d see the auth and have that logged, but not the subsequent browser-based actions that will actually push the content.

our web client is a native browser extension making backend API workflow calls – it’s a side effect of using the Bubble provided email action (suspect that replacing with API connector to say Sendgrid instead will remove this, so helpful thought to explore).

Not quite, API connector also goes through Bubble’s servers.

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