Is there a log for collaboration users activity?

Does anyone know if we have a log of Bubble’s users actions?
So for example, if I wanted to see which user deleted a database field/table?

I’m afraid someone on/off the team may be trying to play around

Hello @vitor370

Thanks mate, but that one dosn’t mention such activities.
I’ve tested recreating the deleted field, and then deleting it again. Server logs didn’t mentioned it at all.

@cmarchan I think OP is asking for the activity done within the “data types” tab. What you have shown will be just the “app data” activities I think (that is if at all they show there. Not sure they show)

Agree with both @mghatiya @vitor370 :+1:

@vitor370 Should you consider digging deeper into what server logs can do it may assist you in your endeavour without having to add too much logic (to leverage them) into your app :smiley:

@vitor370, if you haven’t seen it already, it might be worth checking out this recently-released Chrome extension. Couldn’t hurt to give it a look.


@mikeloc thanks!

@vitor370 yes this is exactly what the Chrome Extension is meant for :slight_smile:

unfortunately it won’t let you see past edits, but if you set it up with your team now, you’ll be able to see all future activity. each developer will need to install the Chrome Extension for it to work. let me know if you’d like a demo or help setting it up!

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Looks like a great idea!
We already use Timely to track out spent time, so that may be a nice change!

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Nice tool, mate!
We don’t mind much about the past. The example I’ve used on this topic it was just example and I know what happened, but it raised me the concern if we didn’t know it.
As Bubble dosn’t display a expression/source from a deleted field as an error, and we can’t search for a deleted field. No warning or not knowing who deleted a database field sounds like a major issue for teams.

thanks! yes, totally makes sense.

there’s a 1 week trial if you wanted to give it a go and see if it makes sense for your team. feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or if I could help with anything further.

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