Delete Repeated Results

Hey everybody…

I have the following situation… My Data Base has 3 categories with a few options for each category. I wanna delete every line that has a repeated result… For example:

In this case only one Red line and one Purple line should remain. The other or others should be deleted. I know I could use a recurring event that’s fine… My question is about the best approach to delete the duplicated results.

Whats the best way to accomplish that?


@NigelG can you give me hint? Tks!

Just throwing this out there.

For each object, set a new field called clone/copy/duplicate/whatever that returns the object with the same parameters sorted by first created. Then delete all objects where the object populated in the new field is not itself.

@Scott Your idea got me thinking… it might work. I’ll try that in a few hours and let you know… Tks!

You could also run an API workflow on the list I think. And sort it in created date order (or whatever order you want to delete duplicates in).

Then for each one count the duplicates, and delete the “items to” count - 1 - but do it in the reverse order.

If that makes sense.

But I like Scott’s way of doing it in two phases. Mark the duplicates and then delete them. Gives you a chance to check too.

I end up doing something a little different… I ran scheduled an API workflow (create things) but “Only When” - Do a search for Store’s Shirt with two constrains (Size and Color matching those variables that I passed on the step before). Still stress testing to make sure they work but so far so good…

Tks @Scott and @NigelG