How to automate de-duplication / deleting double items from database?

I want to delete double items in database.
Anyone do it with workflow?

Yes, search for the thing you want, group them by whatever field you use to uniquely identify them (for example an ID or code you assign, not the Bubble-assigned unique id), aggregate them by “count”, then filter that list by count > 1.
Display that list in a repeating group if you want to see so you know which ones are duplicated, then through their unique identifier you can delete them.
Or just delete them manually in the database tab if they’re just a few.

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May I ask how to “through their unique identifier”?
I can “aggregate them by “count”, then filter that list by count > 1” with your help.

Take a look at this:

Introduction - Bubble Docs

Each notification I receive has a unique code, I group by that unique code.
If a group has a count > 1, then I do a search for the unique code of that group and delete the first item from that list.

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How to delete items?
Should I make workflow loop for delete all double items?

In case you’re up to invest $20 (by the time I’m writing this) on your Bubble skills, there’s an awesome tutorial on deleting duplicates inside Gaby’s VIP area, it shows several ways of doing this.

It’s right over

I think it’s impossible to delete all double items once except first or last items without using another data.
Workflow loop may better.
Thank you anyway.

You can use the For Each element from the Toolit plugin - example here:


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