Delete user data

Hey everyone, i’m new on Bubble and created an app that let my users to add data and see that. The data they insert is customers details as: First name, Last name , Phone… and then i created a page that let them see the data they just inserted (i used a repeating group for that)
I want to create a checkbox that the user can select and then delete the customer’s details that are nor relevant for him anymore.
How can i do that?

You could just include a button on each user within the repeating group and have it attached to a workflow that deletes that user from the database.

Probably best to set-up some permissions within the database and/or the workflow logic to only run this workflow if that user has permission to delete that user. This would be important, for example, if you accidentally showed them other user’s data - you don’t want them to be able to delete those users and it’d be a safeguard against that.

I couldn’t find the option to delete on workflow, can you direct me please? thanks again :slight_smile:

You don’t “delete a workflow.” Instead, the workflow is triggered by the user clicking the button. The first action within that workflow could be to delete the user’s record.

Big picture, you may want to take a class on Bubble to learn all of the foundational components. I took a ~20 hour video course that showed how to build AirBnB clone in Bubble. Was a great way to learn all of this. And, the first month or so of “code” that I wrote I also decided to re-write later because there were much better ways to code it (only took a few days later on because 1) I knew what business logic I wanted and 2) it’s fast to code most things in Bubble once you really know it.

Best of luck,

thanks, you really helped me!
I’ll take your advice