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How to delete records using a workflow


I am new to Bubble. I am having difficulty deleting a record using the workflow. When a calendar date is pressed for a second time, I would like a particular record in a data type (table) to be deleted according to the calendar date pressed. Would any body be able to assist?

Check your privacy rules, and then make sure you complete that expression.

Do a search for: first item

Thanks for you prompt reply. All the privacy rules are off so i m not sure why it is not working. I have tried to complete the expression but it still flashes up as red.

Thanks for the reply. I have checked the privacy rules and they are all clear, if I am doing it correctly. I don’t think that this is a plug in problem.

Are you as an admin removing the item, or a user doing so?

If you’re doing it as an admin, you have to make sure your account you’re logged in with as “current user” has the correct permissions to modify, find in searches, etc.

If you’re doing it as a user, that should have the ability to modify (unless you give permission to do so) it needs to be a backend workflow. Backend workflows basically ignore privacy rules.

Thanks Stonkpub,

I’ve got it working now.

Best Regards,