Demo page/app that requires no login?

Hi all, I’m building a preview/demo version of our app that I could show to people just to give an idea of how the app works. It would display static data and wouldn’t require the “user” (whoever visits the link) to login at all.

Is there a way I could create a “demo” page and generate a link to that page only, or should I just create a new app altogether? I could make the demo page a clone of our actual page, but replace all the user-specific info with static images, functions, etc… or is there a way to set a “public” user that’s automatically logged in whenever someone visits the link? Ideally the page would reset every time someone visits the link, so someone couldn’t accidentally break it for everyone else, but I could make it pretty basic if this isn’t possible.

Thanks for looking, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Just realized I can log the user into a demo account when the page is loaded, still not sure how to direct someone straight to that page or if there might be a better way.

Can you have a that people go to? Maybe I don’t understand the second question well enough, but this would work as far as I can tell.

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That’s what I was looking for, I’ve seen people use it for quick examples but couldn’t track it down. Is that just a page, and I name the link I haven’t yet deployed the app to live so I haven’t gotten into naming pages. Thanks @potentialthings!

Yep, you should just be able to create a page called demo and the URL would look like that. Lemme know when it goes live and I’ll poke around for ya!

Thanks a lot, give me an hour or two and I’ll post it here.

Having some weird login issues after I deployed to live… I log the user in on page load and display the current user’s first name at the top of the screen, but nothing’s there and none of my functions really work at all. It’s like the user isn’t logged in, but I made a group show up when the user is logged in, and it’s there. What happened? Worked perfectly in development…

EDIT: Nevermind, I tried setting a role in privacy settings and it screwed everything up. Will post link shortly

Alright… take a look @potentialthings. Only thing I don’t like is that you can easily switch to our index page by changing the URL… any way to get around that?

What’s the problem with that? Is there something on the index page you don’t want people to see? One thing you could do…is if people go to the index page, check to see if they are Demo User. If so, when page is loaded, redirect them to the demo page. It’s a bit hacky, but works.

That works. Just don’t want some malicious user to go to our main page and flood our DB with a bunch of registrations, but I’m not sure why they’d do that… thanks @potentialthings.

I’m seeing a really weird issue that I might make another thread on. Whenever I try to center an element or move it with the arrow keys, it reduces the width and height by one pixel. It’s really frustrating because it doesn’t always happen, it seems to trigger out of nowhere and I’m stuck with the issue no matter what I do. Seen this before?

EDIT: 1px reduction happens when your browser is at any zoom level besides 100%.

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You may have found a way to reproduce a bug that has been around for a while as I recall others having a similar issue.

If it is constantly happening and only in specific scenarios, I recommend sending a bug report and the Bubble team will get it fixed for us -

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It’s been noted in the forum a couple of times, that’s how I figured it out. I’m surprised it hasn’t been fixed already, I’ll submit a bug report… using chrome btw. @emmanuel

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