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Design focused Bubbler

Preparing to launch a new web app and looking for a designer to help out with the final look and feel of the site.

Requirement is initially for a single page design - full creative licence bar broad colour scheme and logo. I will provide a few images of the kind of style and feel that we are looking for, but really looking for someone experienced who can come in and run with the design side.

Lots of work has gone into the backend of the site, and now progressing on to front end before launch. Although initially a single page requirement, this will become a larger project for a successful candidate and eventually become something full time. Whoever we are happy with on single page project will be chosen to design remainder of site and for future Bubble work.


  • responsive design
  • strong colour scheme
  • surprise and delight for end user

We will send across a Bubble page editor, with all of the page elements but little in the way of design.

Looking forward to seeing some proposals and hopefully finding our future Bubble designer.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, Would love to work with you. Where do I sign Up?

I would highly recommend @rico.trevisan. He will add that design special sauce you’re looking for (plus more)!!!

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Thanks, Jared! :pray:

Yes, I’m experimenting with a service as a subscription -or, more specifically- Bubble Refactoring as a subscription (BRaaS?).

Flat monthly rate. Unlimited refactoring.
You get:

  • Me as a Bubble developer
  • A low, low flat rate.
  • Unlimited request.

I’m aiming at a max 2-day turn-around time for most requests. But I’m not yet there.

You create your requests, prioritize them, and I’ll pick them up. I might break them down into smaller pieces.

I’m putting together my sales pitch at Refactoring NoCode. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.