UI/UX Expert Needed for Nearly Complete Bubble App

Hey there Bubblers!

I am nearing completion of my first app and I need someone to polish it up a bit in terms of UI/UX design. I have already created a solid baseline (in terms of design) but I am looking for a professional to get it looking phenomenal as an MRP. I work professionally in the TV commercial post-production industry so I have an understanding of design principles, but need someone to really hit a home run here.

Obviously having an understanding of the Bubble platform is helpful although not necessary since most programming is already baked in how I envision.

The site is a user-generated marketplace so there are listing pages, sell pages, buy pages, and user profile pages.

I am looking for the following:

  1. Refine the look and feel of the overall site to reflect a consistent brand/image/identity.
  2. Collaborate with me on ideas and provide suggestions where UX may need to change. (You’re the pro after all!)
  3. Strong understanding of typography.
  4. Help set the foundation with helping form a brand guidelines doc.
  5. Expert in UI & UX design.

If this sounds interesting to you, please send me a PM with your rate, portfolio, and why you are interested.


PM sent
please check
Hayden Jones

Hi @joshhowardla,

I read your post and interested in finishing up your project. Please refer PM for more information.


Sent a DM

Congratulations with your new project. I’m looking forward to discuss any required changes. I have a portfolio you could take look at if you have time and see if we are a match!

Send me a PM if you’re interested.