Designing for multiple screen sizes

It appears that the most ideal way for creating responsive design is to use the new responsive features. But doing so is a tad limiting in terms of element placing and more.

Is there a way for me to design a custom layout of the same page per screen size?

If not, what did users do before the new responsive features were released?

Definitely use the new responsive, not worth it trying to build on something that will be phased out in the future. How is it “a tad limiting in terms of element placing and more”?

If I’m not mistaken, when using the responsive method you need to choose one of the 9 pre-determined location anchors for the element. Or you need to use groups and containers and apply padding to get an element in a particular spot (down to the pixel).

Whereas on ‘fixed’ you can literally drag and drop.

Am I wrong?

I still feel like there’s something I’m not understanding about responsivenes even though I watched so many videos about it.

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Well in the new responsive you can still do “Fixed” as your layout option, but that’s not actually responsive to the users browser since you’re literally placing stuff exactly where you want and it doesn’t know how to adapt to the users browser. The 9 Pre-determined spots you’re talking about is the “Align to parent” layout which (in my opinion) isn’t that useful because things can overlap each other.

Really the useful ones are Column and Row layouts. The whole point of something being responsive is you just design the layout in columns and rows, and specify if you want certain elements to have a fixed height/width, or if you want things to have a minimum width but can dynamically expand to the users browser window but not setting a max width value.

Remember you can nest tons of groups to achieve an advanced layout. If you make your page the column layout, then you can put multiple groups stacked, then each group could be set to row and have elements next to each other in each group.

Thank you. I need to look into this some more

Definitely go for the new responsive engine. It’s much more powerful than you are thinking.

Side note for “align to parent”: it’s great for some layouts such as a picture with an orverlaying caption.


Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been playing around with it some more and I’m getting close to my goal using the responsiveengine. I guess there’s just so much to learn and understand…

Now I’m trying to figure how to switch from the desktop header to a completely different designed mobile header… i suppose I need to design two different reusable elements and set conditions for when each one shows?

Not necessarily… you can have just one that is fully responsive for both mobile and desktop. :wink:

Unless you have very different layouts that would require them to be very different.

In my case it’s a completely different layout for mobile. In this case do I need to use two different reusable elements as I suggested? And then set conditions? Is this the ‘official’ way?

Yes you could do two different elements, and have them show based on the screen size