Detect input change on each keystroke (without enter or clicking away)

There’s a couple threads on this, but haven’t seen a detailed solution…

The “Value is changed” workflow event isn’t working for me in a scenario where I need RG results to update with each keystroke. Currently, the user has to hit enter or click away, resulting in awkward UX.

I have tried the Instant Text plugin, however, you can’t select this as an element in the workflow event (only inputs buttons etc).

Has anyone implemented an elegant type-ahead solution?

Maybe this …

It couldn’t hurt to give this plugin a look.


Thanks, just tried. Unfortunately this is the exact same behaviour as the Instant Text plugin, and you can’t select this as an element under the ‘Value is changed’ workflow:

Hmmm only does shortcuts…

Sorry, I’m sure I am missing something here, but I had tested that plugin before and I just tested it again now, and I believe it does exactly what you said you want. You just have to add a Watch Input element to the page and link that element to an input via an input id. Then, add a A Watch Input value changed workflow event, select the appropriate Watch Input element, and add the actions that should occur when the watched input’s value is changed.

Again, I am probably missing something, though, and my apologies if that is the case.


Sorry, you are right - I completely missed those actions:

Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 10.41.45 pm

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Any chance you can do a quick video on this ?

I don’t see the ability to do a Workflow event on the Watch Input.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Did you add a Watch Input element to the page and link that element to an input via an input id? Maybe you can share some screenshots of what you have tried.

Yes. Sorry. I just found the actions in the workflow area. However after I implemented against the result lists from the API call I am searching the input still appears slow and the fuzzy search stopped working now.

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