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Detect offensive comments in chat apps

I want to suppress offensive remarks by malicious users in the chat app I manage. .
I have created a list of words that I want to ban in the option set.
I want to delete a post containing a banned word from the database.
How do I specify a condition for delete the list of things …?

It’s better to delete it in the process of creating messages instead of running workflows on the list of messages to delete it.

Use functions find and replace.

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Hi there, @tyokinsaiko… I have never used it, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to check out this plugin, too, seeing as how it’s free.


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I’ll see it! Thank you for teaching me!

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thank you!
I will try. …

I’m sorry. You cannot choose this method. …
I want to delete a message using a workflow…

I’m sorry…
I’m Japanese, so I want to eliminate unpleasant comments in Japanese.
I can’t choose this method.