Detect When User Closes Browser Tab

When the User closes the browser tab, or browser itself, I want to:

Make changes to thing
Thing to change: Current User
Extra Field: isOnline = no


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I am not sure if there is a way to do that. There might be a plugin, though, about detecting if the user is “away” which is how you get a pop up when you are about to close a browser that is an ad or a way to sign up for a newsletter. Check for “detection” in plugins and search for it. I can’t remember what it’s called.

But to actually close the browser and then do something seems impossible. Unless someone else has an idea. Basically because it terminates the program.

I believe this might be possible using JS and API. I have a project that I want to test a script in Bubble to see if this work. Will try to keep you in touch. I’m not sure there’s currently a plugin for that in Bubble.

This is the plugin I was thinking of.

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I would just run a workflow every lets say 2 minutes and set a field on the user “last seen” with “current date/time”. Then you can expect for users with “current date/time” - “last seen” “:formatted as minutes” >2 to be offline.

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