🚪 [FREE PLUGIN] Page Close Event

Plugin triggers an event when user is about to close the page🚪

This can be used to show a popup with a promo code etc. It works on desktop and mobile

:fire: Features:

  • Very easy configuration
  • Work on mobile and deskop
  • Event sensitivity configuration

:link: Demo | Editor

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Well done @BubbleSam ! Thanks :facepunch:

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That said, I’ll definitely be using this plugin!!


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Thank for your Plugin. I have some questions.

Is there a plugin that can detect and Change user status only when the user closes the page by himself or when it is turned off?

I’ve tried the following three plugins, each with its own problems. Is this because I just don’t know how to use them?

1.Page Close Event / Quit / Exit

The problem is that it is too sensitive to the PC. For example, as soon as I bring the cursor to a tab, it is recognized as Page Close, and I don’t want it to be recognized as Page Close until I close the tab, even on a PC.

2.Page Close detector

The problem is that it can’t recognize the close of the tab.

3.Window Closer

The problem is that it cannot detect the user’s Page Close Event.

Hi @company1 , thank you for your feedback!

Sometimes it’s useful to show a popup with a discount or a special offer before the user leaves your website. So our plugin that you mentioned sends an event before the user closes the tab.

I do not know your exact use case but this plugin probably could help:

It can tell you whether the user is active on the website or not (check the demo).


Thank you very much!
Our users are very often making bagground calls with the service open and without closing the tab. A baggound call is when you open an existing tab and make a call while opening another screen or app, such as Facebook or a smartphone game.

We don’t want to assume that the User is offline or has closed the tab when they are making a bagground call. We want to consider a user as offline or closed tabs when the user actively closes the tabs on their own and no longer even makes background calls.

Is that possible with this plugin?

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Unfortunately, that won’t be possible to do with our plugin…

Please also check this post on stackoverflow:

Probably you need to find another way to solve your task

Thanks BubbleSam
You save my day!
It´s perfect!

Just one question …
It´s works just 1 time per session or it´s possible more times?

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Thank you for your feedback! Yeah it works once per session

Thank you … it´s perfect!

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