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Detect when user has left the site / page

Hello there,

I was wondering if someone could help me. I am creating a list of data attached to the current user (not logged in its just for attaching data for that session). What I want to happen is if the user leaves the page to delete that list of data thats in the database as it will no longer be needed. Is there an easy way to see when the user has left the page I couldn’t see anything in the workflows.


Kind Regards


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I guess heap plugin will be of help for this… !


Hey Chris!

Have you figured this out yet? It sounds like your site does not really value the session data of an unlogged in user and you don’t want that data clogging your database right?

I’d suggest simply dumping their data an amount of time (perhaps a day or two) after they logged in. Of course you’d need to make sure that they are not still logged in or have used the site very recently. I mean, imagine, some young whippersnapper finds your site, and starts exploring… As they are not really ready to sign up, they are just playing with your content. Over time, some of them would be beginning to create a relationship to your data that would cause a percentage of those not initially signed up folks to come aboard. Given that, it would suck if they were just warming up to your website and 48 hours after they find you, your workflows execute a can-o-whoop-axx, deleting their increasingly valued data. That could potentially scare off a new user just when they were reading to sign up!

So: logical RECIPE suggestion le jour:

1 Time stamp users coming without logging in.
2 Set a timer of when you’d like to dump your data.
3 Set a data dump buffer (like punching the sleep function on an alarm clock) to push back or ‘reset’ the data dump deadline when someone logs in. I mean, if a non-signuped-user keeps returning, wouldn’t you like to continue your relationship building efforts by continuing to provide the value that your site’s interaction with their data generates?
4 When the buzzer rings (via time triggered workflow) your targeted data is summarily dumped.

Need any help on implementing? drop me a line :smiley:


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