How to determine when the user logged in the last time

Hi All,
My Bubble application has a few hundred registrants, but I would like to understand which users are actually active, as in how often do they log in or what was the last time a user logged in or created a thing.

What’s your suggestion for finding this out effectively?


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Hi @levente

The modified date user field is your best option. You can add counters or logs in the future.

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hi levente,

  1. for instance you can go to your workflow tab and add a workflow.
    Do every 5 minutes, only when current user is logged in.
    and update their last login date, or even keep a list of login dates and count that for each user.

  2. Instead of doing this every 5 minutes, you could also add this action “make changes to current user” whenever a certain button is pressed on your site. 2019-10-28%2012_28_24-listitemnew%20_%20Bubble%20Editor 2019-10-28%2012_27_56-listitemnew%20_%20Bubble%20Editor

  3. On an admin site, just for you, you can then plot users active in the last week, as shown below, using the chart element plugin.

hope this helps & happy bubbling,

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Thank you guys, I’ll give this a try!

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I did everything as you suggested but I stuck at the point where you select “Current point’s count” as value expression. It only offers me to select Current point’s Last login date which then doesn’t work. How did you get to select “count”?

Hi, sorry part of the screenshot was cut off. You have to add an aggregation bottom left.
Btw the months -4 is just as before my client didnt have users.