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Dev environment vs. Prod Environment

I’ve noticed some slow response time when several of my pages load in the Dev environment. Most of the page’s data is displayed dynamically based on a group that the user is in, but even a repeating group searching through two rows of data can take 2-3 seconds to load.

As I’m working through possible bottlenecks I want to know whether the production app will be running on beefier hardware than the Dev environment. I work for a company that builds applications, and I know our Dev/Test environments are scaled down quite considerably in terms of hardware and resources. Just curious if it’s the same situation on here as well.


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Good question. I think I read someplace that Dev and Live is two separated server (amazon cloud…)
It depends of Bubble policy only, upgrading to better virtual environment on the go (higher cost each time…)
But I’m curious about the response.