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Dev to Live - Database differences, App not functioning correctly

Just copied my app from DEV to LIVE, and copied my database from DEV to LIVE. All appears to transfer correctly, no error messages or unusual behaviour.

After the move, the Databases are not the same and the LIVE app does not function correctly. DEV data is fine, DEV app works as expected.

Anyone else come across this?

Were there entries (such as Users) that were not copied from DEV to Live?
Can you please provide more details as of what happens in the live app differently from the dev version?

I have also had a problem with this.

The “data” fields copied over, but the links to other objects didn’t. So effectively useless.

Please can you confirm if this is how it is intended to work ? Or should the links be copied over ?

This is days and days of work manually uploading data wasted :frowning:

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4 hours to rebuild it all with admin functions.

Just a warning to anyone who is relying on the data copy.