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I am wanting a bit more clarity about how this all works; so, is the idea that you create your app (and the DB) in development mode then before deploying live, you copy the development mode data to live database and more importantly… then what? what do i do when users are creating accounts and database entries on the live app meanwhile i’m building and adding new things on the development version how am i supposed to consolidate them? if i tell it to transfer live DB to dev i’ll loose all the new stuff i’m working on, and vice versa, if i copy the dev DB to live DB it will overwrite all the new users and their DB entries. How is this all supposed to work? Not sure why then are even separated in the first place.

Help plz.

Hi there @jessefarquhar48,

The purpose of having a live and development database is so you don’t get live data mixed into development data vice versa.

In your development database, I would expect to only see test data and test users.

Then in your live database, your product’s actual users and data.

I wouldn’t recommend copying of either.

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Ok so If i want to build stuff from now on just do it on live DB mode?

Because up until now (i deployed live today) i didn’t know about this and though that the dev DB version would just become the live DB when i deployed live.

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Ok, so my app is live but now i’ve edited something, now how do i get that to update on the live app? If the live database cannot be edited and the dev DB has test data how do i ever update the live app?

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Don’t tell me that the only way to change/update the live database is to wipe it all and update it with the dev database.??

The live database can be edited. You can overwrite the entire thing with the development database, you can overwrite a single data type with the data in the development version of that data type, you can edit a single record by switching to the live database and editing the record there, and you can bulk update records using backend workflows.

It’s really all about the kind of change you are talking about when you say you edited something. If you made a change to a page or the structure of a data type, simply deploy your app again, and that change will appear in the live app. If you made a change to data in the database, well, refer to what I wrote above.

Hope this helps.


Are you talking about your app? or data?

Don’t tell me that the only way to change/update the live database is to wipe it all and update it with the dev database.??

No, you’ll be accessing the live database anytime you’re using your live app. Or you can edit data directly in your app editor.

If i edit something on my app (not DB) in dev mode do i just press “deploy current version live” to update the app live or will that also update the live database with the dev DB (which would not be cool)?


That won’t happen. Updating data in the live database is a completely separate action.

Ok this solve most of my questions

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