Developer for Google Cloud, Bubble, and OpenAI API

Job Description:

The Team at Procurified is looking for a developer with experience in Google Cloud, Bubble, and OpenAI Vision API for project integration and development.


  • Set up and manage Google Cloud functions.
  • Integrate OpenAI Vision & Assistant APIs
  • Develop workflows on
  • Document the setup.


  • Experience with Google Cloud services and API integrations.
  • Experienced Bubbler
  • Experience with OpenAI APIs
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts effectively.

Project Scope:

  • Implementation of specified features and integrations.
  • Optimization and documentation of the system.

Duration: Project-based with potential for extension.

Application: Reach out to me at with relevant experience, approach to the project, and examples of past work.



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Hey Rupert,

I sent you an email. Looking forward to a conversation.


hi @rupert1 .

you have typo in your email have ii in it. []