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Developer needed to build an EASY iPhone/Android app based on bubble

I am looking for a developer to build a very easy app. This app should be available on all apple and android devices. (phone and tablet) If you are not able to offer this, I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

The app will need to talk to

A few things it needs are.

  1. A video training system where an admin adds videos to a students portal and they would show up in the app. The should allow them to add notes to each video. When something gets added, they should get a notification.
  2. A section that allows them to chat with other members of a group training. When a message is added to the group, they should get a message. The section should also list out messages from the instructor separately. I am thinking that it be on a different tab.
  3. When an admin adds a book to their learning portal online, it should populate on the app for easy reading. We currently use Yumpu, but would love something more integrated. If something gets added, again a notification is made.

There are other things we could add, but I think this is the most important. See the loom video to get an idea of how this should work.

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if you use bubble, the best way is to make it responsive and use a wrapper for mobile. Otherwise… you’d better go native.

Hey there,

Thank you! I am looking for a native app that pulls its data from the bubble database. Do you have any ideas on a company or person on the bubble forum that I can reach out to for this?


you could try or Keep in mind that it’s not only the data pulling, it’s also the native design. You can try a hybrid one like react native (or similar).

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I would stay far away from fiverr. I’ve bought “FULLY FUNCTIONAL iOS APP. FAST.” I ended up with an ugly wireframe. I mean you get what you pay for. Youtube people buying stuff from fiverr.

Anyway if I had your project I might split it in half. I might hire a dev here to build your data architecture on Bubble and expose an API. Then I would hire a well-rated someone from upwork (if your resources are limited) or an agency (if you have the money) to build the native app and connect it. If you’re hiring freelancers I’ve learned that putting their portfolio screens and obviously copied assets through Google reverse image search sometimes helps find the frauds (of which there are tons). Can I ask why you’re set on using Bubble as a backend? You already have your MVP and you don’t want to rebuild it?

if you’ll go and buy the 5-10$ gig for a complete app, sure :slight_smile:

Hey Thanks,

The reason why I am hitting up the forum is that I don’t want to pay someone to learn how bubble api setup works. I already reached out to upwork, and the quote was more than the cost to have someone build the FULL app. I looked into both upwork and an agency, but the agency isn’t getting back to me. shrug

I am using bubble because we already have it built and I can make changes VERY quickly. What I am asking to have created, I feel, is really simple. If it were more complicated, I don’t know what I would do next, lol. Also, we have about 8500 users and I don’t want to move everyone over again.

Thank you for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

Please check PM

Don’t trust this guy (@richard.h) . Tried to scam me out of my money (CIS…ahem)

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Hello @ben4, you can try Zeroqode native solution

that’s exactly what I suggested and it’s a webview solution NOT A NATIVE one. Stop misleading people.

Then dropsource - is the good one, but i think it’s the same.

Why would you pay for a web wrapper? It is easy to do and available for free. :grinning:

But using just a web view is unlikely to get your app approved on the Apple App Store.

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Hey @dev2 - It makes sense, but not everyone has the skills and can do it … we just wanted to help and gave advice, we provide this service to our clients for free

@marcusandrews - App Store approves webview apps, but sometimes returns for some reasons.

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Why I said unlikely :man_facepalming:

Not so unlikely :wink:

You can consider both Dropsource and Thunkable. Either lets you design the app while allowing integrations with bubble database.