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Developer rates?

Good day gents.

I really like bubble but the fact of the matter is I have zero coding experience so I have one of two choices.

  1. Learn bubble as a whole and build my app. This takes time but at no cost other than my personal time.

  2. Stick to the visual and conceptual side of bubble and my app and have someone else do the workflows and db interfacing. This has a cost element and some concerns hence my questions.

  3. How do I guarantee whomever I contract does not steal my IP.

  4. What are the kinds of hourly rates one can be expected to be charged for building workflows and interfacing the app with and Azure MS SQL DB.

  5. Is it even possible to collaborate on a hobby account?

  6. Any other questions I should be asking?

Thank you in advance,
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1 and 2 - It depends, is it worth your time to learn a tool that can help you to make a web application? Or would you focus on other things? It depends on where you are in life and your prioritizes. I think only you can answer that

If you want to learn Bubble, I recommend learning both design and workflows, it’s more interconnected then one would think.

3 - You can make them sign an NDA. In 99% of cases no one will steal your idea anyway, though.

4 - Depends on the Freelancer, I have seen from $12 to $60 an hour. I recommend you see what projects they (the freelancer) have done in the past, and if you are happy with that.

5 - Yes, you can set the app so that “anyone” can edit, find that drop-down in the settings. Just need to share the editor link.

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I just feel the need to add another view point:

  1. Try to learn as much as you can yourself even if you have someone do the work. Still good to know.

  2. There is no guarantee but you can restrict access to your app. I would go with a respected freelancer on the forum. Find someone that helps out others and has a reputation to protect.

  3. You should expect a good freelancer to charge anywhere from $50-$150. Remember you get what you pay for. If cheap pay expect cheap work and also cheaper means maybe a scam. Also you can pay for a specific task instead of per hour. Or pay for the whole project, half at start and half at completion.

  4. Yes, you can collaborate on hobby if the freelancer signs up as an agency at no extra cost to you. I do not recommend you open you app public at all since that means anyone with a link can mess up your app. Do not do that.

  5. Make sure you like the persons work before you hire them.

Hope that helps.

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We have an expert backend team, which can complete most projects in a matter of few hours.
If you have the front end ready, and just need us to setup the workflows and databases for the desired functionality to work, our team is able to offer rates between $500-$1000 for a typical project (5-10 pages) & 5 days TAT. If it’s a complex one, assume the rates to range between $30-50 per hour, depending the length of the project.

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