Freelance - How do you determine pricing?

Hey All,

I’ve recently started doing freelancing after working as a bubble developer in a previous agency for 3+ years.

I’m trying to get an idea of how standard pricing works with no-code for freelancers:

  1. How do you pick an hourly rate and what is fair market price for a bubble freelancer?
  2. How do you price fixing a clients existing bubble application? (Do you find more success doing hourly or providing flat fees based on scope of work?)
  3. How would you price a social platform/job board add-on?
  4. Do you include UI/UX as a part of your pricing? or do you separate between workflow development and UI/UX?

Simple answer for me:
Charge hourly, or charge hourly.

(If they want fixed price then figure out how many hours it will take you, and charge hourly.)


So you’re saying never charge hourly?

I like it :wink:

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