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Developing Drag and drop functionality

Is it possible to develop drag and drop functionality in bubble as we see in trello? If it can’t even for the time being, can this functionality be developed with custom javascript coding?

Hi @ngwehtunthar,

Take a look at the draggable elements plugin and see if that takes care of your needs for this functionality. There is also a Trello-like template that you can get ( that uses this element specifically in that way.


Thanks for the reply. This forum seems friendly.


I looked into drag&drop over the holidays because I wanted to build a drawing app to make greeting cards.

A couple major limitations are

  1. Bubble doesn’t give you access to any grid information
  2. Bubble can’t dynamically create new elements on the fly
  3. I don’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure drag&drop doesn’t work in repeating groups

So if you can get the functionality you need using only pre-made elements in a simple layout, like a line, it’s worth a shot.

I use the drag/drop element inside a repeating group to sort objects. I believe there are other users who have done the same for sorting.

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