Drag and Drop Trash Can

I’m loving the draggable plugin. Here I’ve got a demo / example mini-app that includes a drag and drop delete drop-zone:

Here is the end result.


This is awesome

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I’m really blown away at how much you can do with Bubble and how polished you can make things look. I’m going to try to work on using draggable with a tree so that you can move things and reorder things inside of a hierarchical tree (nested repeating groups with drop zones and draggable groups).

What is really really cool for us is to see people do things that we weren’t sure were possible :slight_smile:


I love this.

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It wouldn’t be possible without you and @josh listening to our suggestions and needs. :wink:

Now we just need a way to invest in what’s sure to be the next unicorn.


I couldn’t agree more. The Bubble team is awesome!

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NO NO NO! Keep the team small and responsive. For all the stress and hassles, please don’t sell out!

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@vega.andrew How cool! When you click the “add” button, are you creating a new thing (under the ‘Data’) section, or are you showing an element action?? I can’t seem to recreate (and the link doesn’t appear to take me to the right place).

Nice work!


These drag and drop tips are awesome! Thanks heaps.
Does anyone know if there is a way to trigger a condition on another element when dragging a draggable element?
I’ve been trying to figure a way to make a dropzone trash can and dropzone copy appear at the bottom of the page when I begin dragging an element in my repeating group. Since can’t create a workflow to set a state based on the drag action, any thoughts on a workaround? Cheers


What i think is really really cool about bubble is when you guys see that we have used a couple of tools in a complex way to make something cool happen, you end up making those things either a simple workflow or make an easy way to recreate the result. Its called progress and its why your platform is so successful and also why the plugin editor is sure to be a huge success. Well done!



How are the results? Have you started yet?