Did Bubble Change Something and NOW Can Not Use Custom CSS for Width?

I’ve been using HTML elements to set custom dynamic widths for elements since the release of the flexbox responsive engine.

Now, I can not. I have not checked all existing usages, but using the same exact methods as done in the past and all tests are proving to me that it is no longer possible.

Can anybody confirm if Bubble changed something that makes this not possible anymore or if they are also unable to use custom css to affect the width of an element?

@boston85719 I had a similar experience last week.

For me the solution was to set a minimum width and maximum width and change both via custom css.

I.e. when I want to have a width of 20% I set minimum 20 % and maximum 20% and change both with custom css to 60%, not only one,

Maybe it will help for you too.

Thanks for the reply. I had tested using min, max and regular width as well and it wasn’t working.

I’ll have to reach out to support, which likely will bear no fruit as they don’t support custom code.

hmm okay,

another mistake I did was to set the same code (same ids) for different groups in different reusables which leaded to some errors.

But right now everything seems to be working correctly.

Thank you. I’ll take a deeper dive another day. Sometimes these little issues resolve themselves.