🛑 Did "Get path from url? get broken today? Anyone?

Since the downtime happened yesterday, a weird behavior that many of our clients reported today and after diagnosing we realized that “Get path from url” stopped working and broke the Dev & Live apps last night, giving that the last time we updated to Live was 2 weeks ago.

We use “Get path from url” to send the path to other pages, now it sends nothing to that page.

We tried our other apps and it seems to broken as well.

If you are using “Get path from url” Please check your apps. There might be broken as well.

I use it extensively and it seems to be working fine on my site www.NoCodeMinute.com

I just tested it on a few pages. :confused:

Sorry. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi there, @vascolucci… I had an issue reported in one of my apps today, and after spending a good amount of time tracking it down, it turned out that Get data from page URL (where data is a parameter) was the culprit. The Type of the parameter had inexplicably changed from one type to another, and I know for a fact I didn’t change it. I found the same issue in one other place in the app, too, and again, I know I didn’t change it.


Thank you this explains some unexpected behavior in one of mine as well. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

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