Get Path from URL? Bug or Simply Not working?

Hey i feel so stupid, can someone tell me why this does not work?

I want to read the page URL Path('s Name) of the Page he is on.
I only show the Events > EventName when i am on the Page “Name” (Condition only show when Name = Event //// ← this works so he understands he is on the right site)

The only issue is that this is my menu and a reusable element - so why do i get the bug, on the normal page the same command is working perfectly?


Some more Infos: Other Stuff is working:

He detectes the right site:

so he understands what page he is on - so why cant he not read the data from the url? (The URL is active and has information send) → I load it somewhere else so i see he gets it - only in the reusable element not.

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Can you share example URL?

Does the preview URL have an event path in it currently?

Does the page type you’re on have a slug set?

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i use

so basically i set the page data to not doubleset an event slug when i directly have it as page option

Found the issue:

Seems like it does not work when i use “Backup Link” in Page Option:

it has to be

without bold
*ttps:// andis-event- 1681226415955x539670051097149400?debug_mode=true`


Do not know if this is a bug or just not possible when working with components. I will ask the support.

now it Works thx :slight_smile:
Backup field has to be empty!

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