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Difference between Two dates as an Integer/number

I am pretty solid using bubble other than things involving dates. How exactly can I get the difference between 2 date/times as an integer/number?

Do you want this in minutes, hours or seconds?

Hello there!

I was, embarrassingly, simply not using both sides of the date/time picker i was testing expressions on.

I have another question though!

I am much farther along in my first app now. I am now learning how to use the api connector which has been a challenge as a no-coder. However, I’ve managed to build a successful call to Google’s Duration Matrix api. However, I am having issues on a bubble backend api recursive workflow. I am able to estimate drive times and duration with no time_of_Departure. However, once I try to implement this, it no longer works. Its as if the Distance Matrix api does not use the measurement of time that I am trying to pass -like there is a format issue. The documentation says that I am to specify the time as an integer in seconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC. I’ve done this as:

Start time - minus arbitrary date/time formatted as seconds

Start time is a field of a date type, and is in the future. The arbitrary date time is Thu Jan 01 1970 12:00:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Have you came across this issue or am I missing something? It seems like something small/easy.

Yup it’s easy - use :extract (not :format as) and pick UNIX :wink:

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Great! However, i am not given the extract option the way i’ve build the expression (seen above). Would you be able to provide an example expression? If not, no worries. I will mess around and see if I can get that option.

start time :extract UNIX is all you need.

This was it! I forgot to say thanks, so THANKS!

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