Difference between Workflows and backend workflows

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I want to understand the difference between just workflows and backend workflows.

I understand that when you have the same workflow from different sites of the page, you should avoid repeating yourself and use the same backend workflow instead. But my question is from the performance point of view… which are the differences and the most important thing, when should I use backend workflows instead ?

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Workflows run at the client side, i.e. user’s Browser level (ex.- chrome, firefox etc)

But Backend workflows run on the Bubbler server.

You should run the task on the backend workflow if -

  1. It’s a long-running task. For example- You need to process a list.
  2. You need to call the action that is using the secured API key.
  3. You need to schedule something for later.
  4. You need to set up a database trigger.

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Thank you, I though that’s was the difference :slight_smile:

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