Difference in dropdowns

I have two dropdowns on the same page. I can’t see any difference in the properties between the two. Changing focus doesn’t make a difference either. Can anyone please help me to understand why one has a grey background and darker grey lettering and the other a grey background with black lettering? TIA.

dropdown problem2

Looks like the one on the right only has a placeholder, but no default value set, so it’s not pre-loading a selection.

The one on the left looks like it has a default value.


Thank you!

OK. As I look at this again, this brings up something I asked about in another post that I haven’t heard back on. I added the default (first record in the list) and the box now has a black line around it. Yet, the default option is not actually showing in the dropdown. I have a similar issue on using dropdowns for an edit page. When I load try to display the current value of the record in the dropdown, it does not populate. Here is a Link to that previous post with more info. I’m wondering if whatever I am doing wrong here is the same for that problem?

Thanks again for the time to reply!

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