Dropdown quirk with Static values

I have a dropdown that is set to static values, of which there are 4.


When an item is set to edit, the default value is set to whatever that items static value was set as. This works fine.

However, a new process has had to be implemented whereby the item is creating outside of the normal flow. Here I am manually setting the value of this field to the value that would have been selected from the dropdown. It is exactly the same in terms of spacing, punctuation, lowercase etc.

Now when I go to edit an item created in such a way, the dropdown appears empty - however the “Save” button is conditioned such that if the dropdown value were empty, it would be unclickable - but it isn’t.


So using the debugger I can see that the default value is being set properly, and the value is there…but not showing in the dropdown.


Given that its a text field I would assume it should show this text since it matches exactly, and wouldn’t have any kind of ID associated with the static value, as again its simply text.

So is this a bug? Or can anyone think of a clever way I might be able to force the dropdown to show the text value?

Normally I’d use option sets for this purpose, but I didn’t build this portion of the app, and changing to option sets would incur a not-insigificant amount of reworking of existing workflows and retroactively populating a new field with the old fields data, and subsequently a lot of re-testing to ensure everything worked appropriately, so that really is a last resort, hence my keen desire to have the dropdown behave as I expect it should.


You spelled license wrong, so it doesn’t match with an option in your dropdown :wink:

(we’ve all been there…)

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There are no words to convey the volume of the groan I emitted when you pointed this out, thanks eagle eye!

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