Different data/listings in my life version and test version

I have different data in my test version than in my live version.
In my live version I only can see 80 listings I gave in. In the test version I see 133 listings I gave in. How come? What to do?
I have a bug in my life version. What can I do
Test version works but live version refuses the moment I click my pay button. I alreday gave 2 boosts.

You have separate databases for dev and live versions.

If you want your dev data to show in your live app you need to copy the data from your dev database to your live database.

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Thanks again adam. Thanks for helping me. grtz

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Adam, Do I have to click the data listings that are missing individualy and then click copy and restore or do I just have to click copy and restore?

Click copy and restore to open the ‘copy data’ popup - then It depends what you want to copy.

You can either copy only specific datatypes, in which case you have to do them 1 at a time.

Or you can copy all data if you want to copy everything.

Be careful with copying all data, as it will replace the entire live database, including any user data - so if you have active users on your live app you’ll lose them all if you use this option.

You also need to make sure that the database structure in your live app matches that of your dev app - otherwise some data wont’ be copied if there’s nowhere for it to be copied to. So check your dev and live apps are in sync before copying.

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worked Thanks Adam

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