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Different file icons

I’m creating a database, where customer can upload images, Word docs and PDFs for a bunch of projects. Is there a way of displaying all the files in a repeating group and depending on the file type (endings .pdf .docx .xls .jpeg, etc), the file icon or image would change color or display the file type icon?

You can have an icon and use conditions that look at the file URL and see if it’s pdf, jpeg, etc.

Yes, I actually did that thanks. Just looking at the URL of file name wasn’t enough though in my case. Displaying files in RG the conditional trick worked, but for example sorting files by file type, required a bit more work.

This could be useful for others. Emmanuels suggestion is pretty neat I think. Often it’s easy to look only in the direct ready-made bubble toolbox for solutions.

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thanks :slight_smile: