Different list of fields for repeating groups

I am working on a social network based app and I’m having trouble with repeating groups.
So basically for the users, they each have a list of the title of the book that they like (field 1) and also a corresponding list of reasons why they like that book (field 2).
My question is, would it be possible to make repeating groups that have one line showing the title of the book and another line right under it showing the reason why they like the book?
It would look like this
[repeating group cell 1]
1st book title
1st book reason why

[repeating group cell 2]
2nd book title
2nd book reason why

Thank you very much guys!

Consider using a separate datatype for ‘user_book’ which you can connect to the user, rather than just using a list of texts.

That way you can enter the details of each book and the reasons as a separate entry in the DB, and use those as the content in the repeating group.

You may also want to have a separate datatype for ‘Book’ so you can refer to an actual entry in the DB in your ‘user_book’ datatype.

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Complementing @adamhholmes great guidance, I suggest the following:

Set up your dB like this:


  • Title (text)
  • Reason (reason)


  • Title (text)

Set up an rg of 1 row 1 column of data type “book” and data source “search for book)

Insert a text element in the rg and set it to “current cell’s book title”
Insert a 2nd text element under it and set it to “current cell’s book reason title”

Style the rg to show borders

Preview the app

Hope this helps! :+1:t2:

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