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[RESOLVED] List of Text as Repeating Group Menu

Pardon me for such a basic question.

I am trying to allow each user to customize a menu on their profile by adding / removing items to/from a list. Can I not simply create a text field of “menu” on each user set as a list of texts? Trying to set this list as a repeating group’s data source throws an error.

The simple solution is to create a new custom data type called “Menu” with a text field that will be used for each menu item’s title. It seems like creating a custom data type for such a task is an odd approach. Is that the correct way to go about this?

I’d do the RG as dynamic, and fill it with a search for “menu” items, created by current user

Which means I have to create a custom data type for the menu, with potentially thousands of items named “home” or whatever. That will work, but it seems like bad practice.

Okay, I figured this out.

I created a “menu” field as a list of text on each user.
I set the repeating group’s “type of content” as text.

The text field on the menu is dynamic, and refers to “this cell’s text”.

That way I’m not creating hundreds of menu entries in my DB… if that makes sense.


Thanks for posting your solution.

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