Different page loading based on URL parameter?

Hi there

Only a few weeks into my first Bubble build, and although I’ve tried searching, I’m now reaching out for help/ideas.

I’m building a small site for our employees to track customers and customer’s projects. A mini CRM / note / task tracking thing.

Currently when we get a phone call, a browser window pops up and I am able to populate the ‘name’ and ‘phone number’ inputs from the URL parameters.

I would like to do a search based on the phone number in the input/URL and redirect them to a certain page. For example, I have a data type ‘Clients’ and if the number already exists in the database, it would redirect to a ‘Details Page’. If does not exist, go to an ‘New Caller’ page.

I have tried a few different ways of doing a search for on page load, or create an event such as when event is true or on change - but I can not get them to work. However I can not tell if the method I am using is incorrect or if it is just the syntax of what I am doing is wrong.

Any suggestions would be wonderful! Even a nudge into which type of solution I should be researching more would be a great help.

Thanks !

Hi Kathryn, welcome to bubble.

Hope I understand correctly but this is what I would do.

  1. Add an input type “integer” for you to input the phone nr in
  2. In the database under user have the user phone as a field
  3. Go to the workflow tab and add a new workflow. when an inputs value is changed.
  4. Add the action go to page and go to page userpage (content type= user) Send data: Do a search for users where phone nr is inputs value: first item (as just one user should have that item)
  5. Add a workflow and only whens for only to do this if search for users:first item is not empty or empty.

    Pm me if you need further help
    happy bubbling

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Yes, Thank you!

It did not seem to work with ‘An input’s value is changed’ , I’m guessing because as the page loads those values are set from the URL and then do not technically change? But works great with a ‘on page load’ event, although now it loads a page then re-directs to the intended page. I suppose I can add a delay or something to make it look more seamless.

Thanks again for helping!

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