Get data from page URL - insight


I’m trying to make sure this will work in Bubble before I get working on it. I read in the documentation that Bubble can “Get data from page URL” but I’m not able to figure out how that works.

I have a URL like this:

I’m trying to just take the data from the page, specifically return the 44.21582 (or likely a 1 or 0) that the page spits out and use it to show an alert. Can anyone experienced let me know if that’s doable and how I’d get started?


For reference,e this is what the documentation says:

This source is a way to capture the value of a parameter in the URL of the current page or path. For example, the current page’s URL is '’ Set the source to get the ‘age’ parameter, and in Live mode, that will return 23. When specifying a parameter, it is case sensitive. We recommend using all lowercase and avoiding special characters, spaces, etc. If you select path, you can retrieve ‘hello’ in the URL '’ Choose the type of data that this parameter should have, and then use this data as such in the Bubble Editor. If you choose a type of data that is a custom type or the type User, the value of the parameter in the URL should be the thing ID.

When you’re navigating to the page where you want the alert, click on send parameter and send the alert type. Maybe a yes to determine whether to show the alert on not.

On the page where you want the alert on page load, go to workflows - when page is loaded and only when Get data from url is yes - display alert. You will need to use the same key that you defined in the page navigation when you’re checking on the page load.

If you’d like to read a bit more detailed explanation with the editor view -

Thank you! I’ll try this out!

Can the entire URL be dumped into a text variable? and then br used to jump to as a new Tab?? that might be handy