Different User types with different data fields?

I created an option set for two different user types. one is a user that doesn’t need more data fields other than the usual bunch (name, email, etc.). However, my other type of user (a service provider) needs to have a whole profile: previous achievements, address, permit, and a bunch of stuff.

Can I have data fields that are specifically for the ‘service provider’ user type? or I need to unify data fields and use them selectively? or is it better to create a profile data type specifically for service providers, where the service provider can only have one profile?

Many thanks and great gratitude for the help in advance.

Personally I keep only basic info on the User type and then create another data type ‘Profile’ which is saved to Current User’s Profile. You can have as many fields as you want on that, there’s nothing inherently wrong with having lots of unused fields and ultimately there will be lots of overlap which might make it easier to deal with than multiple data types.

Thank you very much George! I haven’t tested it out yet, but it seams like it’s working well. I even added another data type under profile: ‘previous projects’. I think everything will go well. But I do have another lingering question. I want the service provider to fill his profile, but in the same way as submitting something on the app; rather, I would like it to auto-bind from the get go. but I could figure it out just yet. what do you think?

Boom! got it I think. I just needed to set up the group type as Profile. I thought everything would follow the parent group type but it doesn’t.