Different users to different workflow/pages

Hi, so first off I’m not sure if I’m setting this up the right way but it works - sort of.

  1. I have two different user types for users. I created a field in the database called user type (either user type A or B).

  2. I went to my index page which has the login pop up. On the index page -> “User is logged in” event I setup two workflow steps;
    1. Go to page A, Only when “Current User’s user type is A”
    2. Go to page B, Only when “Current’s User’s user type is B”

  3. It works. ONLY PROBLEM is when I edit the URL to the different page (page B) it shows user type A’s data/info. I was testing how secure it is because someone logged in as user A can change the url to the page for user B and be able to see the page though it will have all user A info. Still, I don’t like that thought.

Hope this makes sense. if not, i’ll try explaining it again.

Hi there, @sanjiv2… if I understand your post correctly, I’m thinking you could use the Page is loaded workflow on pages A and B to send the incorrect user type to the appropriate page. So, on page A, you use the Page is loaded workflow with a navigation action that goes to page B only when the user’s type is B. Then, you do the same thing on page B by directing users with a user type of A to page A.

Want to give that a shot and see if it works for you?


it eventually works but still not good because you can see the other page load for a second before going to the intended user’s page. So it works, but not optimal because it looks like a flaw as user A can see user B’s section (though not their info) for a few seconds.

Totally agree with you here. :slight_smile:

Yeah, @sanjiv2… that’s definitely not optimal. It might be hacky, but maybe hide user B’s section and only show it when a user’s type is B? Or possibly combine pages A and B, have everything hidden on page load, and show the appropriate section/elements based on the user’s type?


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