How to direct each user group to a different page on logging in?

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I am creating a log-in page where a user is directed to a new page which is different depending on the type of user group(such as a group of customers, company representatives, or admins) depending on the user group. I tried to add a dropdown input to categorize them on logging-in but couldn’t find the solution.

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You need to add a field in your User data type called “UserType”… then, on the workflow for logging in, you would have several “navigate to page” steps. Each navigate to page step would have an only when condition on it “when Current User’s UserType = X.”

Does that make sense?

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essa Informação fica guardado em qual banco de dados ? no usuario ou terei que fazer um banco de dados separadamente ? para clientes, representantes da empresa ou administradores ?

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Should I put ‘usertype’ in the filed name? What should I choose for ‘field type’?

With the dropdown input, should I choose ‘Static choices’ for Choices style and type ‘Customers’ and Company representatives’ in ‘Choices’?

Should I put the ‘only when Current User’s UserType = X’ in step 1 in the picture? Or in step 2?

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  1. Use text in the field type
  2. Static choices in the dropdown is fine
  3. Yes, put the only when condition in step 2, or any step thereafter that navigates them to a different page. You’d manually write out the condition. Something like Current User’s usertype is Customers.
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Thanks Tal!

I tried to do a test run but it seems I cannot do it because I cannot allocate a password to a user. Is there any way I can do it?

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