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Hello community!
I have a project that I would like to make viable in the bubble. Basically, in one section, I would feed images and videos and in another section, they would be played in full screen. Feeding the system via the database is easy. The question is: how can I make images and videos play in full screen?

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The short answer is use CSS. Width : 100vh !important, height: 100vh !important. Here’s a thing to help you add css to particular elements:

Hey Duke! Thanks but my knowledge is poor…

If you’re referring to behavior like you get when making a YouTube video or Google Map full screen, then AFAIK, there’s no built-in Bubble way to do that for an arbitrary element. However, it might be doable with a bit of JS - ideally, in the form of a plugin for greater flexibility and to avoid “polluting” your nice no-code Bubble environment. You might need to enlist the services of someone with the technical knowledge to implement it though.

The devil is in the details, of course, so it really depends on your desired behavior. For example, do want only a single image or video to be shown at a time, or do you want there to be “content regions”?

I might be able to assist you with this functionality, so feel free to contact me directly.


Premium Bubble Plug-Ins

Hi Steve!

I’m researching some documentation and what I need are these content regions but also in full screen. I’m comparing my ideas with software like Xibo ( to see if it’s worth it, or I’m reinventing the wheel! I’ll call you Steve again! Thanks for all!

Well, you’re definitely reinventing the wheel, but whether it makes sense, it seems to me, depends on your requirements and your level of experience with each platform. If your needs are fairly simple and you already have experience with Bubble, I can see how a custom digital signage platform using only Bubble could make sense.

With Xibo (and with REST API integration in general), there will definitely be a learning curve, but it might be worthwhile if you need a more fully-featured solution that’s been well tested and is under active development.

Either way, it seems like you’ve got some work cut out for yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:


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