Has anyone figured out how to get full screen to work with responsive pages?

I have a page that has an HTML5 player on it. I want to enable full screen, so I have 3 options.

  1. Put it in an iFrame, but now the video “reloads” (sometimes unsuccessfully), every time the user resizes the page. Definitely not a good option.

  2. Set a fixed page width. Now there is no responsiveness.

  3. Leave full screen broken.

This seems like a major drawback of however Bubble is implementing their responsive engine, and makes me want to stop using Bubble altogether.

Has anyone figured out a workaround to get this working without breaking responsiveness?


Fullscreen in general seems to be problematic with Bubble. I’ve had a tough time turning a video player to fullscreen, and I’ve tried several of the plugins. Hope this gets addressed!

Convert the video to a GIF. And then use it as a background in a group :slight_smile:


@emmanuel campaigning to get this fixed asap. We need this!